You took a Human thing and made it a Race thing. Yourself and ABC news should be ashamed of yourself.

Last week while watching the news – I don’t normally watch the stuff but my wife does – something caught my attention. As I listened to David giving the report I was stunned at what I was hearing. The whole world is suffering from an awful virus either by being sick, worrying about getting sick, or having died from getting sick, and you/they found it necessary to make comments regarding a specific group of people in New York city. REALLY?

It’s not a black issue, a white issue, a yellow, red, or purple thing ya great horses ass! It’s a Human thing! People all over the world are suffering in one form or another. Moreover, there are hundreds of thousands of all colors, races and beliefs putting their health and sanity on the line to keep things going and caring for the sick. But yourself and ABC found it necessary to make it a race thing. My God! is there no end to your pathetic agenda? Is there no depths to which you will sink?

I was soured on mainstream media before but now I have lost all hope that we’ll ever get honest, non-biased information from ABC or other mainstream outlets ever. ABC news is a sad, pathetic shadow of what it once was. Clearly those days are gone and I firmly believe Walter Cronkite is turning over in his grave.

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