• American Flag: $25
  • Gasoline: $2
  • Cigarette Lighter: $2.50
  • Catching yourself on fire because you’re a terrorist ass-hole: FRIGGIN PRICELESS!

The global symbol of freedom, strength, virtue, and possibilities. Looking at this image it would appear that this man does not hold these things in high regard and would rather remain oppressed, weak, immoral and destitute. Why else would he wish to perform such an act?

Maybe there is a method to this madness…
Perhaps there is a master plan at work here that we cannot yet see…
It’s possible that just maybe, if we let them go long enough they’ll destroy themselves and thus take themselves completely out of the human gene pool!

Maybe there is some method we can concoct to make it so that identified and verified terrorists suddenly and inexplicably burst into flames! The fire should start in the groin area and work its way up from there though so if they survive they’re no longer able to pollute the gene pool. This display of human stupidity goes far beyond the pale of hatred and riotous behavior. Maybe his parents didn’t love him enough when he was young… or maybe, it’s something in the water. Who can tell?

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