Over the last year or so the science chanels, especially the History International channel, has been running a lot of pieces on the impending 2012 end of the world apocolyps. Everyone seems to be all caught up in all this because the Mayan calendar mysteriously ends on Dec. 21, 2012, which just happens to be the same day as the Winter Solstice. I’ve been giving this a lot of though lately and it occurred to me that the answer to why the calendar mysteriously ends is because the Spanish Conquistadors who landed on the Mayan shores so many hundreds of years ago, killed, murdered, destroyed, pillaged and plundered the entire Mayan civilization all in the name of God.

During the process of all this religious cleansing these idiots destroyed all but two of the codex that explained the Mayan language and intellectual processes, so of course we now have no freaking idea what most of the stuff we’ve managed to unearth in recent times because we’ve got no rosetta stone to guide us through the process of decoding their calendar and writings.

Were it not for two enlightened priests who spirited away two codex so that they could not be destroyed we’d literally have no idea what any of it meant.

Nice job guys. If there is a purgetory I hope you’re there kissing Montazooma’s backside for at least 1000 years for each and every bit of culture you destroyed, and I hope ole Monty is on a steady diet of high-fiber foods!

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