You know the greatest thing about America is that you can say almost anything and it’s protected by the Constitution. But that blade cuts both ways because one of the worst things in this country is that any idiot with an outlet can be heard! Ergo, Pat Robertson’s latest comments about why Haiti got hit with an earthquake.

When I first heard about his comments I thought someone was pulling an Onion on me, but a few quick Google searches proved otherwise. To say that I was flabbergasted would be a gross understatement. I personally think someone should take this guy and have his head examined. I think, at the very least he’s lost his mind; at the worst he should have his credentials yanked and he should be censured by what ever body of authority he answers to. It’s members of the faith that give the Church a black eye, and with all the in-fighting that has been going on inside the body for the last 2000 years Lord knows we don’t need yet another nut-job with credentials making it worse!

Oh no! the worst thought just came to mind: Can you imagine what this country would be like today had he actually won the presidential election when he was running as a candidate? I can only guess that he would have been impeached, assassinated, or started some horrible crusade-like war somewhere because he would have been convinced that someone had made a pact with the devil and America had a moral obligation to go there and level the place.

When is the Body of Christ going to stand up as one, do the right thing, and put people like this in their proper place? If ever there was a sign of the end times its things like this: Christian leaders are losing their minds, losing their way, and worst of all, COMPLETELY IGNORING PLAIN SIMPLE INSTRUCTION!

Pat! go back to the book and read it and this time pay attention to the parts where it says to keep your mouth shut and just be quiet and happy to allow God to live through you rather you taking it upon yourself to go our of your way to prove to the entire world what an incredible idiot you can be!

Jesus never left instructions for his followers to scare people into heaven, nor did He ever mention anything about selling folks fire insurance. Rather, He did say that we were to follow His example: be a servant, love one another and thereby be a walking, living, breathing example of Christ. If this were done there would be no need for folks to speak a word because Christ would be seen and His presence would be so strong and obvious folks just might be lining up to see what you’ve got and how they can get some!

But no… Human kind always has to make things difficult, get in the way and control things lest they be unimportant.

Update: 2010-01-17 15:34

By the way Pat… Haiti happens to sit right on top of a fault line so the fact that they got a 7.0, albeit horribly disastrous, is not all that surprising. There is a difference between natural and super-natural events. Makes me wonder what you’ll have to say Dec. 21, 2012!

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