Addition:(Dec. 8, 2017) I was going through my 404 errors listing on another wordpress site I have on this server this morning and ran across this post because the category was listed in the URL. I checked it out because the last I knew this category worked just fine. I read the post and watched the video and wow! It really got my attention… again. Are there any sane leaders left in Washington?

This video was sent to me, and as I watched it I could see the seriousness of the over-all feelings that it means to convey where the majority of Americans are concerned.

Our elected officials aren’t listening; they show no interest in listening to us, and if their actions are any indication of the direction they’re headed, they have no intention, what-so-ever, of hearing anything we’ve got to say on any matter now facing our country.

Remember, Congressmen, Senators, and Mr. President. You’re all duly elected officials elected to represent us, the American people and if you can’t get the job done we’ll elect people to office that can and will get the job done to our satisfaction. If you think that you have job security you’ve got another thing coming.

Ignore us and your time in Washington is most definitely limited!

View video by clicking the link below… It’s a ten meg file so it should take too long to download and start playing. It’s been scanned and is safe for human digital consumption.

Letter to Democrat Politicians a News Politics video

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