Most people, by nature, either don’t like change or they fear change, but change is inevitable; it’s going to happen. Software is one of those things in our lives that changes the most often and not always to our liking. Being a programmer myself I understand the life-cycle of software. For the most part it’s driven by usage and the desire of the creators to make their application more usable and efficient. At least that’s the goal. While that goal doesn’t always get reached I would have to honestly say that in this case they’re getting there. Thus, the changes in the Facebook site.

I have personally noticed a marked improvement in the over-all performance in the main Facebook interface as well as the games; and you know which game I’m referring to. Sometimes, not always, but sometimes there’s a lot of gripping about Facebook not working right or something else being wrong, or something getting moved to a different place. That’s understandable, but what you have to remember and keep in mind is that Facebook is Free! At least for now. I know there have been a lot of rumors going around about Facebook changing hands and folks having to pay a subscription fee to use Facebook, but for now that’s all they are: rumors.

So, why not just enjoy it as you find it and expect things to change. We can’t control everything, and if you really want a say in how things look, feel and work in Facebook then get involved in it’s development. Contribute time and effort into it’s ongoing evolution as an application instead of just being a user where you have no real say at the end of the day. What’s that you say? You can’t code, or don’t have any desire to code? Well then… guess you’re stuck with the changes. Just remember to appreciate those that are putting in the time and effort to make it all available for free!

Rather than becoming a fan of not changing Facebook I’m a fan of Change. At least where software is concerned. I know it’s going to happen; I expect it to happen, and I hope when it does happen it’s a pleasant change rather than a disastrous change.

Things I like about the recent changes:

  • The interface over all is cleaner and organized…
  • That miserable java driven shortcut bar at the bottom is gone (do you have any idea just how much havoc that thing caused for the browser?)
  • Notifications are not at the top and to the left – our of the way – where you can see them, but they’re no longer intrusive.
  • Since removing the shortcut bar at the bottom of the application window the chat portion of Facebook has moved to the right and no longer obscures the main content area. I good thing if I happen to be typing a comment and chatting at the same time.
  • Over-all, extremely well organized.

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