To the powers that be at Facebook:

I know you may find this surprising but I couldn’t care less about the News Feed or what’s trending. I’m not the least bit interested. I read and post to Facebook to stay connected to friends and relatives and since my life is just average I seriously doubt anything I or my contacts have to say would be important enough for trending.

When I set the preferred view to most recent I do so with the intention FOR IT TO STAY THAT WAY: PERMANENTLY! However, the good folks that care for the code that is Facebook seem to think I don’t have any idea what I want and as such I need things set for me as though I am a child. I may act childish sometimes but I can assure you I DO know what I want and it’s definitely not to have things decided for me, or to have a complete stranger decide how or what I want to see when I log into Facebook.

To be honest, there are many times I’m very close to closing my Facebook account and just walking away from it because as a whole Facebook has become more of a pain in the ass than I care to put up with. But, in reality there’s no such thing as closing a Facebook account because you don’t believe we should be allowed to do that. Allowing people remove their information, delete their accounts and be completely removed from it is against YOUR wishes. Really? Essentially you’re holding our information hostage all the while making billions if dollars while doing so.

To Be Clear

I hate the news feed feature; I want to see MOST RECENT all the time.

My information is MINE and not yours and if I want it to be removed from your servers and no longer available to you when and if I choose to leave Facebook that should be my right.

And no… I don’t like your version of green eggs and ham; it stinks!

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