My Wife left me home along to fend for myself this evening so this is the mischief I got into:
I was feeling hungry and didn’t quite feel like left overs so I started puzzling and puzzling until my puzzler was sore and this is what I came up with.
If I could spell and type at the same time I’d be amazing…

 (1) I finely diced half an onion – cause I loves me some onion, shredded 3 small potatoes, then, with a dash of Olive oil, lots of black pepper just cause I can and a dash of Cayenne pepper. Then into the hot pan with Olive oil.Photo Feb 16, 7 39 30 PM
(2) Through a lid over top for ten minutes to allow the first side to brown nicely and make sure that the onions soften and the ‘taters cook nicely. Photo Feb 16, 7 39 36 PM
 (3) Yes, those are eggs and they’re to be included in this man’s dinner. I’ve been hungry for some eggs for a few days now and figured since I was home alone this evening I figured I’d throw a few in there for good measure.Photo Feb 16, 7 39 45 PM
(4) Oh! and I remembered there’s some left-over roast beef from the wonderful soup the wife made the other day that no one else noticed in the fridge. Oh yeah! it’s goin in there too! Photo Feb 16, 7 40 00 PM
(5) Chopped up the been and after flipping the ‘taters in the pan I tossed the been on top of those taters that smelled Soooooooooooooooooooooo good! Photo Feb 16, 7 46 44 PM
(6) A little bit of Chedder to show everything a little love. However, in hind-site I could have left the chedder off because it tended to clash with the taste of the taters, beef and eggs. Photo Feb 16, 7 48 07 PM
(7) Photo Feb 16, 7 49 03 PM I just love the sound that eggs make as they hit the pan and start cooking. There’s just something about the sound they make that is so soothing and reminds me of my childhood.
(8) Then! the yummy goodness which is the taters, beef and cheese hit the plate! Photo Feb 16, 7 49 13 PM
(9) And THEN, the eggs hit the plate! Oh, YEAH!!
(10) Then, for good measure I slit the top of the eggs to let out some of the dippy so it would run down onto everything underneath.
(11) Oh YES I DID!!! Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyum! That’ll learn ya honey, to leave me at home to my own devices.

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