Politics in Pennsylvania have reached an all-time low. Our esteemed Governor has decided to hold state workers’ jobs hostage unless he gets a pet project of his (Casino Table Games legislation) passed by the house and senate. I recently heard on the area public radio station, WITF, that they’re actually pushing this thing, this piece of *wretch* legislation through! Just who the HELL does Ed-Sped-Chicken-Head Rendell think he is and where the HELL does he think he’s doing business?

Governor Rendell, in case you’ve forgotten, this is the state of Pennsylvania, not the state of Rendell. If there was ever any doubt before that you were a shady crook, you’ve successfully removed all doubt. Now why don’t you do all us hard-working Pennsylvanians a BIG favor and LEAVE OFFICE NOW!

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  1. I agree 100%..How long are we going to let him push us further into ruins! He’s done enough damage. Now someone else has to clean up the mess. Look at our states unemployment rate. The voters of this state need to unite and stand and make our voice heard rather than watch the pig get fatter. Wow we have Hollywood casino and my property tax dropped $18 a month!

    Now the caps come off the electric! How can they raise the standards and keep the working man at the same wage. What really irks me is that I have a really good personal friend who works for the state and her raise just in this year increased $14,000!!!! WTF…Are they just printing more money!!! The average worker is lucky to get a 50 cent cost of living raise after the fact that everything else already increased! And who the hell would approve that kind of spending in a slump like this!. Why do we lower our standard of living and work twice as hard for less. I pay for gas, and they get a company car and a gas card! WTF is wrong here people? The whole system needs reorganized, and it needs to start by removing the clown running the show!

    Rendell…you have my vote on being the most careless douche-bag. We need new blood in the house and senate. I look forward to your resignation!

  2. There are FIFTY states and Four commonwealths in the United states, which has traditional, but no legal meaning because it’s not a law yet?… Remember the old blue and yellow license plates? Here I see only greed….common-greed instead of commonwealth. Bring this up to your congressman. What has to happen for them to listen?

  3. What has to happen for them to listen? The sheople have to awaken from their cradle-to-grave slumber and realize they’ve got a stake in this; that its not just someone else’s problem, but their own. The vast majority are very busy with their lives which look inward and only come out to see what’s going on when it affects them directly, which is exactly why we have tenured representatives at the state and federal level; because they’ve been allowed to be so. That way we can all blissfully go about our lives and let someone else take care of business for us. We don’t have to be involved except at election time and even then most don’t have a clue or don’t even bother to vote.

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