What’s the difference between the current state of our government and a severe case of constipation? The answer is simple: the size and severity of the case. Both are completely backed up with massive amounts of crap that won’t come out thus bringing sweet relief, and both require some sort of assistance to bring relief.

At the individual level the remedy is very doable even though in some cases drastic measures might need to be employed; such as a colonic, however I don’t know that it’s possible to find a fire-hose large enough to accomplish this same task with Washington D.C.. While I’m most certainly not an anarchist and do strongly believe in the type of government we have in this country, the thought of a massive tsunami rolling up the Chesapeake begins to become rather attractive. Such a wave just might clean out the halls of Congress and Senate that are currently suffering from a massive case of constipation.

Our government and constitution used to mean something; our country used to stand for something; we the people used to matter, however now we’re all just pawns in a large chess match called a demographic. We’re either blue pieces or red pieces and that’s where our value and usefulness ends. If ever a people needed deliverance from a tyrant it’s U.S. and now.

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