It’s time for all Americans to stand up and realize that it’s time to clean house! And while we’re at it lets clean out the Senate as well. We’ve all be sitting idly by for far too long while our elected officials grow fat, sassy and way too comfortable as though they are entitled to be where they are. Most literally take their elected office for granted and their work and performance shows it.

Their interests are not our interests; they fight and bicker among themselves as a pack of wild dogs over a bone, while millions of Americans are either homeless or starving. They lavish upon themselves things that most Americans will likely never see, let alone imagine. They send Billions of dollars over-seasĀ  – and I’m not advocating isolationism – to care of the hurt and afflicted, yet seem to get nothing done for the very same sort of people in this country; their own back yard! If you can’t keep your own back yard clean and manicured you shouldn’t be out and about mucking about in someone Else’s back yard, now should you?

It’s good that American reaches out to victims of natural and un-natural disasters, but what about those suffering in this country? Clearly the social programs in place right now don’t work and are a complete failure. I’m not certain they were ever intended to actually work. Judging from the performance over the years it would lead one to think that perhaps they were specifically designed to fail, thus producing a generations completely dependent upon the government for everything, when in fact reality suggests that our government has abandoned us!

During the last election we were promised change, yet nothing has changed except the names on the doors leading to some offices – the oval office – and some Congressional and Senate offices; most, however, have remained the same. They’re entrenched in Washington and that entrenchment is causing a malodorous, festering, dis-ease that this country can ill-afford.

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