I know it’s hard to believe, but We The People find ourselves completely disconnected from our so-called representatives in Washington. What I mean by that specifically is this: there are democrats, republicans and then there’s the rest of U.S..During the run-up to the 2008 election there was such a sense of hope – some saw it as false hope – but a hope none-the-less, that change was finally coming. There were a lot of promises made, but so far as I can see the only promise kept was that things would change, and change they have! For a while during the campaign I was getting the distinct impression that Jesus really was black and that he’d, for some reason, changed his name to Barrack which I found very confusing. Then the reality of it all hit me like a ton of bricks…

As it became evident that Barrack Obama was going to be elected our next president, me being a registered republican – something I’m rather ashamed of lately because of the manner in which this party conducts it’s business but that’s another issue – I thought to myself, “perhaps Barrack Obama getting elected as our president will actually have a good affect on this country.” If nothing else it will certainly shake things up a a bit and certainly couldn’t hurt our standing in the global community; but then again I was reminded that no president exists or works in a vacuum and that the real seat of power lies within the congress and senate. But still… there was a shred of hope that his getting elected would shake things up enough to get folks thinking.

Recent events however, over the past two years, have thoroughly dashed those hopes to the refuse pile where dashed hopes find themselves after being trampled upon by those in whom said hopes were placed. My personal problem with our current president is that he fits right in with the rest of the elected officials inside the beltway.

For as long as I can remember there has always been a schism between republican and democrats, although it wasn’t until I was much older that I began to understand why that schism existed or if it even had a useful purpose. Essentially the two parties exists because human nature tends to group like minds and ideas together; otherwise known in scientific terms as the herd mentality. In the early days of our government there were basically no parties, but rather a collection of people elected to office to serve as representatives for specific geographical areas of the country. Over time differing ideas began creating groups of like-minded representatives, but it must have been hard getting things accomplished with so many groups of like-minds. Our form of government has evolved from a true representative form of government into a binary form of government in just more ways than democrats and republicans.

The ultimate and most stark expression of that evolution is this: There is U.S. (us) and them; We The People and the elected representatives We send to Washington to do our bidding, except when they get there it’s not our bidding they do, but rather someone elses’.

  • Foreign governments
  • Corporate entities
  • Special interest groups
  • etc… the list goes on and on ____________________________ fill in the blank.

We The People no longer have a voice in our own country, thus you have what’s going on in Arizona right now. Washington isn’t doing it’s job, so as Americans often do when a need is seen and no one seems to be doing anything about it we take the initiative and do something. It gets even scarier! There is literally a war going on right under our noses on our southern border, but you’re not likely to hear anything about it on the evening news; it’s being blacked out. Mexican drug cartels are waging a war against the Mexican authorities and it’s spilling over the border and into this country. Again, where is our government?

I’m sorry… that was a stupid question. I know where they are and so does everyone else.

I hope the change was good for you? I personally am afraid of what the change is going to do to my small business should this bastardization of a health-care bill pass and get signed into law.

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