Why are there 72 virgins?

What if there were only 20, or 10, or just 1?

What’s so special about the number 72 and why are they only promised to martyrs? Seems kind of unfair if you ask me. So, if you’re a martyr and you die – er…rather blow yer self up in a jihad, then you get 72 virgins, right? Ok… I’ve got a question… you’ve blown yourself to bits and I mean that literally… what in the world are you going to do with this those virgins if you’re in pieces? Don’t-cha think you’re going to be missing certain rather important parts of your anatomy to be able to enjoy those virgins?

And, what if they’re ugly? Is blowing yourself up and killing un-armed civilians – men, women, children, old people – really worth spending the rest of eternity with really ugly women who demand that you have sex with them? After all that is the whole purpose of doing yourself in with high-explosives strapped to yourself, right?

So, now you’re dead and you’re sitting there with 72 of the ugliest women you’ve ever laid eyes on – and by the way they’re not compelled to wear veils where ever it is you now find yourself – and on the off chance that your man-hood is intact do you really think it’s going to work considering the udder hideousness of these 72 women that have been assigned to you for the rest of eternity. If you thought Medusa was hideous wait till you see these gals.

The first thing they’re going to do is grab you by your beard, tearing large chunks out of it in the process, and likely cause your head to go rolling all over the ethereal floor since you’ve blown yourself to bits and pieces it’s no longer attached, and then use said rolling head to play a game of soccer. Bet you didn’t see that coming, did you? If that’s not bad enough they’re going to demand – each of them – that they be the first and shall pounce on you at one time like sharks in a feeding frenzy. Ah yes… it’s good to be a martyr, isn’t it?

Mind you… I’m not poking fun at Muslims or Islam; I don’t agree with it nor subscribe to any of its teachings as truth, but I don’t deny anyone elses’ right to practice it. The problem I have are the genetic retards that believe it’s OK to kill the innocent. But I have to remind myself that in your eyes no one is innocent. If we don’t walk and talk and believe as you do then we’re infidels and should die. Look! if you want to live in the 13th century that’s fine; just go somewhere else and do it and leave the rest of the world alone. If your women don’t mind being beaten with a stick I guess that’s on them, but remember; some of these women that have either been beaten or suffered an honor killing just might be some of those women that make up the 72 virgins you’re about to encounter. Funny how things work out isn’t it?

I’m willing to bet that most of those who blow themselves to hell and back in the name of a holy war, that by any other definition is unholy at best, can’t even spell jihad much less fully articulate, is a clear and cogent manner, it’s meaning. Your hearts have been filled with hate, your head with lies and the shit that those who hate have filled them with, so rather than get a job, earn a living and support your family you choose to blow yourself up.

I recently saw a You Tube video taken from a C130 gun ship that was observing some men – and I use that term loosely – attempting to place an IED made from a 105mm canon round. As I recall there were 4-5 men with one walking around the perimeter keeping watch while the rest were working on the concealing the weapon. When all of a sudden the damnedest thing happened; the friggin thing blew up leaving nothing by tatters of clothing and chunks of meat everywhere including a 10 foot crater in the ground that looked to be at least 4 feet deep. The fella that had been walking the perimeter managed to gather himself together enough to go to where his buddies had been and finding only bits and pieces threw his hands in the air in disgust and dismay and walked away. That was Darwin’s theory of evolution at it’s finest. At least there are 5 less morons that are going to reproduce and further pollute and already diminishing gene pool.

Have you ever noticed that the guys giving the orders to others to blow themselves up never take a turn? How fair is that? Don’t you want your beloved leaders to have a chance to have 72 virgins to spend the rest of eternity with? That’s either rather selfish of you, or cowardly of them.

Just a few thoughts…

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