Sorry… you can’t get me

I’ve recently found another reason to like my iPhone and not feel bad about moving from the Android phone to the Apple device: Blocking Numbers! Yes, it’s great!! If I don’t want to hear from a caller I can block the number right on the device rather than hoping I can do that at the account level with whomever I happen subscribe to for wireless service. In my case I have Verizon and while I can block numbers there I can only block 5 numbers at a time and the block only stays in place for 6 months.

Why would I wish to use this feature?

Well, the answer is simple: I get so many robot and junk calls on my cell phone which I pay for that have nothing to do with my business or personal life that I always screen them out for one reason or another. Now, with this awesome new feature on my iPhone I don’t have to worry about it. Junk caller calls me once I can block’em and then not worry about them calling back as many of them do. Requesting to be taken off the list isn’t really an option because even if they really do take you off their list my number still exists on the very same list they purchased with my number on it.

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