To be honest I was really fed up with the ridiculous update frequency of the Android platform and its growing lack of control over background processes killing the battery. So, I got an iPhone:

  1. Much longer periods between updates
  2. Smaller pool of free apps and a more stringent approval process for apps written for the device.
  3. It was a free upgrade whereas any one of the upgrades would have been $200 and some change.
  4. Simplicity of design and use: it’s a tool – for me at least.
  5. Since the 4s doesn’t have more processing power than an IBM mainframe I don’t have to wonder what’s killing my battery.
  6. It’s a very nice size and fits nicely in my holder.
  7. I didn’t have to purchase a new Bluetooth device as my old one works just fine. For me those are like what my wife describes bras as being; hard to find one that fits just right.
  8. Sound is much better and I can actually hear what folks are say to be during a call without straining due in large part to the iPod heritage.

It’s made by a company whose sole focus is and always has been personal devices designed to make life simpler. Connected to my exchange server in 15 seconds and didn’t complain once; just made the connection and sucked in all my account information.

I know… sounds like I’m not only drinking the koolaide, but have also begun to distribute it as well. The thing is I’ve grown increasingly disappointed in Google and the Android platform. As more and more crap comes out about them and their real practices – their secret methods of doing business – the more I dislike them and thus the Android platform.

For instance:

Recently I’ve been hearing talk about the current version of Bluetooth and how retailers and others are able to surreptitiously connect to peoples’ cell phones to track their movements through a store or shopping mall all the while gleaning data about them and their habits and movements.

  1. They’re getting valuable information that they’re not paying for…
  2. They’re doing it without our permission and without most people being aware of it…
  3. They’re not the only ones doing this…
  4. It’s not clear or easy to prevent this on the Android platform…
  5. Apple devices have a clear method of preventing this and they’re not hiding the setting by which this is prevented in the iPhone.

All phones have back doors of one sort or another, however the more I dig into Android and the vendors that retail them the less I like them. Google was founded on the ethos of “do no evil”, however they’re turning out to be one of the most evil bastards on the block.

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